Do you know the difference between marmalade and jam? Here is it is: marmalade is a product based on citrus fruits (lemon, orange, tangerine and less frequently, citron, grapefruit and bergamot); we are dealing with jam if any other type of fruit (or even vegetables such as onions) is used.
Even the percentage of fruit used for its preparation makes a difference: there must be at least 20 percent for marmalade, 35 percent for jam and 45 percent for extra-jams.
We guarantee you that the jams and marmalades in Isola Bergamasca contain the right quantities of fruit which is, for the most part, picked from trees in our region and after employing procedures that follow recipes handed down from our grandmothers, become true delicacies.
Many agritourism businesses directly oversee the cultivation of fruit as well as the preparation of their own renowned jams.

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