The Bergamo region has always produced high quality cheeses: there are no less than 9 Dop Bergamo-province cheeses, a national record, but moreover, an achievement that few may vaunt in Italy.
Isola Bergamasca is no exception, in particular for producing cheeses made from goat’s milk. Caprino cheeses made by several farming businesses are renowned and served in some of Italy’s finest restaurants. Not to mention the exquisite formagella cheese and taleggio, the famous Bergamo-area cheese, made from cow’s milk produced throughout the province.
It has been made since the 9th and 10th centuries, when it was still called “stracchino” (from the dialect term “stracch” meaning “tired” because it was produced after summertime grazing from tired cows returning to the valley). From the 20th century it has been sold as Taleggio, from the homonymous valley which today is still the centre of a renowned premium production.
They are still produced in Isola with rigorous artisanal systems and are exclusively handmade. When you tour the Isola area exploring picturesque places, don’t forget to visit some farming businesses in order to taste and purchase top quality cheese products that are hard to find in other areas.

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