Despite being densely urbanised, the Isola region boasts a number of outstanding farming businesses whose main activity consists of raising livestock and extensive farming of corn and hay.
The livestock here is composed mainly of beef cattle and milk cows. The Braunvieh (Bruna Alpina or Italiana) breed, typical of mountain farm animals, has been raised in the area since the end of the 19th century, when it was a source of sustenance for area farming families. The Limousin breed was introduced in the second half of the 1900s by several farming business. Valued for its delicious meat, the Limousin is found in a number of agricultural cattle farms.
There are no notable pig farms but there are some small ones which, for the care and feeding they provide, are outstanding for producing meat that is used for cured meats. Bergamo-area salami produced by small farming and agritourism businesses in the Isola Bergamasca area is synonymous with excellence and great taste.
Several small beef and goat farms supply a moderate amount of milk used for preparing fine cheeses, several of which are renowned for their unique characteristics that cannot be found elsewhere.

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