Polenta has been an essential foodstuff since prehistoric times and was found on the tables of the poor as well as the rich who could accompany it with wild game and choice foods.
There are numerous recipes that call for polenta and a variety of dishes prepared in the world’s finest restaurants thanks to the countless possibilities of pairing it with different flavours. One of the finest flours for Bergamo-style polenta comes from Isola.
Local Isola corn is one of the most well-known local varieties, selected in the province of Bergamo and widely diffused in northern Italy, and which was used mainly for preparing polenta. In 1930, this corn was chosen by the Stazione di Maiscoltura of Bergamo (a corn-farming authority) and in 1936 it obtained a governmental mark of “select corn seeds” and was rapidly diffused in Lombardy and other regions in northern Italy.
Local Isola corn is a rustic variety that adapts well to organic farming methods, has an excellent yield in flour with valued organoleptic properties, in addition to a marked flavour, aroma, beta-carotene, and antioxidants, all the while being highly digestible.

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