Bare stone churches, walls painted with archaic force and vital buildings where portals, columns, capitals and statues tell of a period with a unique style – the Romanesque.

The Isola Bergamasca has some beautiful examples of Romanesque art depicting the deeds of pilgrims, there reappear gestures and chants of the monks, who with suggestive for legends halfway between fantasy and history, events at the turn of a millennium where to lord They were fantastic animals, diabolical figures, saints, knights.
All this inspired by man and faith.

The Romanesque structures of the Isola bergamasca

This area of Bergamo preserves some examples of Romanesque buildings rich in history.

Isolated on the gentle hills lies the fine monastic complex of Sant’Egidio.

The plains are home to well known buildings, wedged into the fabric of modernity, that are still able to return to their roots and relive a bygone era. This is especially the case with Santa Giulia and San Fermo and Rustico in Bonate and Brembate.

San Bartolomeo also includes architectural and decorative details, marks left by an ancient culture and a vivacious territory.


Starting point

You can start from the gentle hills surrounding the Abbey of Sant’Egidio in Fontanella, in the town of Sotto il Monte, famous for being the birthplace of Pope John XXIII.

The second stop could be Santa Giulia, in Bonate Sotto, which boasts a remarkably preserved apse. Finally where the Brembo flows into the river Adda, approaching the southern tip of Bergamo, you’ll find Brembate di Sotto where you can visit the San Vittore church.


In the town of Sotto il Monte, in a scenic hilly area, you’ll find the ancient abbey of St. Egidio in Fontanella, founded in 1080 by the Bergamo nobleman, Alberto da Prezzate.

Basilica Santa Giulia Bonate Sotto

The ancient basilica di St. Julia of Bonate Sotto, now the cemetery chapel, stands majestically in Lesina, where excavations of Neolithic and Roman remains testify to settlements dating back to prehistoric times ….


Chiesa S. Fermo e Rustico a Grignano

In the municipality of Brembate, at the centre of a small rural village about two kilometers from the hamlet of Grignano …


Chiesa S. Bartolomeo a Marne

Nearby is the church of San Bartolomeo.
It is a Romanesque church building dating back to the first half of the twelfth century …


Chiesa S. Vittore a Brembate
Over the river Brembo the ancient bridge of San Vittore has endured for centuries, originally built with a method typical of either the late antiquity or medieval period….
Percorsi del romanico
Abbazia S.Egidio in Fontanella
Abbazia Fontanella
Interno Fontanella
Bonate Sotto S.Giulia
Bonate Sotto S.Giulia
Grignano S.Ferrmo e Rustico
Marne S. Bartolomeo
Chiesa San Vittore Brembate
Chiesa San Vittore Brembate