From the central shrine of Saint John XXIII to the quieter and peripheral Caneve Sanctuary; the places where you can find inner peace are numerous in “Sotto il Monte”.

To find traces of the Good Pope you can start from his birth house.

Nearby there is the church of Saint Mary in Brusicco, where he was baptized.

The parish church, consecrated by Bishop Angelo Roncalli, is now the center of the devotion of the pilgrims.

Next to it, you can find the Chapel of Peace, which contains an inlay depicting the Pope made up of 70,000 pieces of wood.

Do not miss the crypt with the casts of the face and the hand made by Manzù.


Punto di partenza

Sotto il Monte is a small village and all the places of the Good Pope are not far away, but you can start your visit from the Casa del Pellegrino.

Ca’ Maitino

The Good Pope’s summer residence is now available as a place of calm and spirituality for all …

Chiesa di S. Maria in Brusicco

It is the church where the spiritual journey of **Angelo Roncalli** starts from. It is here where the future pope was baptized, on 25 November 1881 …


Casa natale

The origins of Pope John XXIII are strongly linked to the land of Bergamo, and in fact, his birthplace is a typical nineteenth-century farmhouse of Lombard sharecroppers …


Seminario P.I.M.E

Situated next to the birthplace, but with an eye to the whole world, the seminar of the Pontifical Institute …


Santuario San Giovanni XXIII

Following the canonization of **Angelo Roncalli**, the entire parish complex was renovated and now, in 2014, elected to Shrine …


Chiesa parrocchiale e Cappella della Pace

The church of San Giovanni Battista is tied with the future of the Good Pope. In 1902, when the first foundation stone was blessed …


Giardino della Pace

Nothing promotes relaxation and meditation as a peaceful walk around. In the Garden of Peace you will be helped …


CRIPTA “Oboedientia et Pax”

You cannot enter this place without feeling the force of holiness. The crypt is in fact the most intimate and warm space of the whole sanctuary …


Santuario Madonna delle Caneve

Peace is in the woods, and the **shrine of the Mother of Caneve** seems to confirm this. The religious building dates back to the fourteenth century …


Torre di San Giovanni

In this elevated place, history is often alternating. A fortification was built here around year 1000. One of its towers was transformed …

Chiesa di Sotto il Monte
Ca' Maitino Casa ricordi Papa Giovanni
Chiesa di SMaria in Brusicco
Santuario SGiovanni XXIII
Torre S. Giovanni