Isola Bergamasca seems to be tailored to embrace faith places and religious proofs.

The whole area seems to be influenced by an invisible force, which makes it shake with a powerful and religious desire.

This spiritual energy concentrates around Sotto il Monte, birth place of Pope John XXIII. Here it is possible to breath the private atmospheres of the Saint, visit his native house, the baptismal font, the church where he celebrated his first Mass.

At the same time, the Isola is rich in convents and shrines, which highlight a deep spiritual and popular soul, and where people can collect themselves in prayer and meditation.


Starting point

You can start the visit from Baccanello di Calusco, with the Santa Maria Assunta church, and then proceed towards the Cappella delle Apparizioni in Bonate Sopra, reach the Marian shrine of Prada, located in Mapello, and finally visit the Madonna del Castello shrine in Ambivere.

Baccanello di Calusco

A devotion place dear to Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli is located in the Baccanello district of Calusco d’Adda …

Le ghiaie

The parish of Ghiaie di Bonate is located in the diocese of Bergamo, 10 km far from the county seat …


Santuario della Madonna di Prada

The Marian shrine of Prada is preceded by an evocative 500 meters long tree-lined avenue. A first oratory was …


Madonna del Castello di Ambivere

In the municipality of Ambivere, at the bottom of a majestic staircase of 500 steps, arises the shrine dedicated to the Nativity of Mary …

Santuario Madonna di Prada
Chiesa Baccanello, Calusco
chiesa ghiaie
Santuario Madonna di Prada
Madonna del Castello