Combining science and fun

The Isola Bergamasca offers places that combine fun and learning for schools and families.

A visitor to these parts can choose between a journey into the secrets of the cosmos, la Torre del Sole (the Tower of the Sun), an enchanting astronomical park, the Museo del falegname (Museum of Carpentry), where you can discover the secrets of an ancient craft, or have fun in one of the theme parks like the incredible Leolandia.


Starting point 

Leolandia is just a few steps from the exit of Capriate San Gervasio. Fifteen kilometers to the north you’ll arrive at Brembate di Sopra , where you’ll find la Torre del Sole (the Tower of the Sun) Observatory, and then onto Almenno San Bartolomeo, which houses the Museum of Carpentry (Museo del falegname).


The largest amusement park in Lombardy. In addition to traditional Italian miniatures, which characterized the previous park 

La Torre del Sole

The most complete observatory in all of Italy. Located in Brembate di Sopra, it aims to make Astronomy available 


Museo del falegname

A building with the preserved tools of the trade where you can find shops with their tools: the chair-maker, the model maker 

La Torre del Sole
La Torre del Sole Osservatorio astronomico
Museo del Falegname Tino Sana Sala bici storiche
Museo del Falegname Tino Sana Sala Torni
Museo del Falegname Tino Sana
Museo del Falegname Tino Sana Teatrino burattini