The Isola Bergamasca has been, and continues to be, a delightful place for many reasons.

In this triangle of land sandwiched between the Adda and Brembo rivers, among rolling hills and wild land, you can find buildings of great beauty, where the stunning landscape is matched by the artful touch of man.

There are wonderful villas and prestigious palaces, full of stories waiting to be discovered.
In some cases the rooms hold valuable and surprising works of art, while in other places you’ll find beautiful gardens.

Sometimes water is added to this harmonious mix and as it sparkles and shines throughout the seasons, playing with light and shadow, it adds another dimension of wonder to the surroundings.

Among villas and castles on the Isola bergamasca

The Isola Bergamasca is dotted with important mansions, such as the imposing Villa Gromo, in Mapello.

Nearby, in Ponte San Pietro, you can visit Villa Mapelli Mozzi and proceed onto Presezzo to get to Palazzo Furietti.

The landscape of the so-called “island” is very interesting, dotted with untouched natural paths, hidden holy places and demonstrations of human ingenuity.

In the Brembo area there is a high concentration of  interesting buildings, the most important of which is Villa Tasca . The proximity to the river Brembo adds a certain charm to the area where you can find Castello Marne, an ancient and impregnable fortress.


Starting point

Brembate Sotto is near the exit of the A4 Capriate and could be the first destination, where you can find Castello Marne nearby.

Then you can go onto Presezzo and visit Palazzo Furietti, and then deviate through Ponte San Pietro to find Villa Gromo, one of the highlights of the whole island.

Villa Gromo a Mapello

One of the most beautiful villas on the island.
Built in the first half of the eighteenth century by the Count Zanchi, Villa Gromo is nestled in an amphitheater of ancient trees …

Castello di Marne

The building has always been considered to be an impregnable fortress, thanks to its excellent strategic location.
It is perched, in fact, on a rocky outcrop over a creek which flows into Dordo near Brembo …


Villa Tasca

This beautiful building, dating from the second half of the nineteenth century, was the home of Vittore Tasca, an illustrious character of the time, famous partisan …


Castello Moretti

Construction was often the subject of disputes between Brembatesi and Treviglio because of the water taken, in Brembate, from the from the river Brembo river that went to irragiate the fields of Treviglio …


Villa Morlacchi

The building is located on the right bank of the river Brembo, Brembate. The original building probably dates back to the early fifteenth century. ..


Castello di Solza

The first record of a defensive structure in Solza refers to a battle, which took place in 1404, in which the fortress is the backdrop of a struggle between the Guelfi and Ghibellini …


Palazzo Furietti Carrara

The original building is now a museum, and is located in the municipality of Presezzo.
The first documentary evidence of the palace dates back to 1559…


Villa Mapelli Mozzi

The building is located in the municipality of Ponte San Pietro. With the facade spanning almost 40 meters, the jutting structures and side walls …

Castello di Marne
Villa Gromo
Villa Gromo
Veduta castello di Marne
Castello di Marne
Villa Tasca
Castello Moretti
Villa Morlacchi
castello solza Struttura interna
Palazzo Furietti Carrara
Villa Mapelli