Azienda Agricola Bio L’alveare


Azienda Agricola Bio L’alveare

Immersed in the green forest of the Parco Collinare, it has over 38 years of beekeeping.

Respect for nature is always a priority at “The Hive”, which has been recognized as an organic farm for over 15 years (certification body ICEA) and recommended by Slow Food for the quality of its products, honey and wine. Rediscovered after years of silence, the company brought back a young spirit to the century old vineyard

Production and sales, directly to Bergamo and the province, of organic honey and wine.

Azienda Agricola “L’Alveare” is also an Educational Farm.

Guided naturalistic tours.


Via Fontanella, 11/a

24039 Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII

Tel. 035.794086