Abbazia S.Egidio in Fontanella
Interno Fontanella
Abbazia Fontanella



In the town of Sotto il Monte, in a scenic hilly area, you’ll find the ancient abbey of St. Egidio in Fontanella, founded in 1080 by the Bergamo nobleman, Alberto da Prezzate.

The monastery is dedicated to Sant’Egidio who exercised a role of considerable socio-economic importance across the whole island in the twelfth century.
In the cloister is a small chapel which contains, according to legend, the tomb of Teiperga, sister of the founder Alberto da Prezzate.

In the three apses, facing east, open mullioned windows are surrounded by decorative patterns. The basilica consists of three naves covered by visible wooden trusses. Traces of the oldest paintings are visible in the presbytery.
Renaissance frescoes can be found in the apse, at the center of which stands the Christo Pantocrator in mandorla, surrounded by the quattro Evangelisti and their symbolic representations.

There’s also a renaissance fresco on the wall of the left nave, in the form of an altarpiece. After which, you have the small frescoes on the left of the entrance depicting S. Antonio Abate and S. Rocco, dated 1532, and the apse to the right, completed in 1574 by Cristoforo Baschenis di Averara.

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