castello padronale crespi d'adda


A solid red brick building topped by a tower fifty meters tall.

A castle that turns out to be the mansion of the Crespi family, the place to spend summer and part of autumn.

The huge building has a lower entrance, near the Adda, and overlooks the factory.

Ernesto Pirovano, the architect in charge of the project, uses as a priority material the brick that recalls other decorations in the village. To the dark red tones are added mullioned windows, trefoils and columns, foundations and sills in marble, concrete parts, with coats of arms frescoes, mosaics, capitals and wrought iron inserts.

The interior rooms, divided by function, are designed to accommodate the famous visiting people.

The music room, the billiard room, the fireplace hall are just some of the examples.

Unfortunately, decorations and furniture were lost with the changes in ownership.