Work houses

case operai crespi d'adda

Work houses

Fifty two-story houses with a square plan. They are intended for families in which there is at least one member working at the factory.

The rent is deducted from the paycheck. A few families, mostly related, usually inhabit them. Some have a double entrance, while others are divided inside.

People used to cook and do the houseworkin the rooms of the ground floor, while upper floor was for sleeping.

The rooms are spacious, the ceilings are high and the windows let in plenty of light, architectural elements that Silvio Crespi considers necessary for a healthy life.

Around each house, there is a small space used as a vegetable garden, surrounded by fences obtained from recycled packaging called “regge”.

Until the forties, a terracotta frame distinguishes the gap between the ground and the former. The sign of the “tear” is still visible today.