Chiesa S. Fermo e Rustico a Grignano

Grignano S.Ferrmo e Rustico

Chiesa S. Fermo e Rustico a Grignano

In the municipality of Brembate, at the centre of a small rural village about two kilometers from the hamlet of Grignano, stands the ancient Roman church of S. Fermo in Bedesco,  which has been a subsidiary of the parish of Marne since the sixteenth century.

Its existence was recorded in an Act of 1158. The building is oriented east to west. The façade has had several changes over the centuries.

Particularly interesting is the bas-relief depicting a zoomorphic bezel, moved here from the facade of a private building in Grignano. 
Inside, the presbytery is covered by a dome. The pillars that support it and the octagonal frame have decorated tops.

The apse preserves visible traces of fresco decoration dating from the twelfth century with depictions of the quattro Evangelisti (the four evangelists) in medallions and Cristo Pantocràtore in mandorla (Christ) .

The abbey is usually closed. A previous check of the special openings or visits is recommended.