fabbrica crespi d'adda


The plant has a single floor, with sloping roofs to direct the light needed to produce.

The first nucleusis highlighted by the medieval tower. Over the years, the plant grows in a modular way, following departments that are added to the yarn.

The original facade runs parallel to the river, then the front moves and becomes the one that gives on the main street.

The terracotta decorations around the windows and other decorations reveal how the Crespi, in addition to pure productivity, chase anextensive aesthetic harmony.

The use of brick, the magnificence and the centrality of the location makes the smokestacks catalystpoints of the gaze.

Originally, those who come from Milan access the factory via a footbridge over the river, while those coming from Bergamo from a gate not far from the mansion-castle.

In 1925, the main entrance is completed and gets the name of the “red gates” because of the wrought iron fence of Alessandro Mazzucotelli. Overall, the factory occupies about 90,000 square meters.