The houses of the department heads and directors

case_dirigenti crespi d'adda

The houses of the department heads and directors

In the south of the village, between 1919 and 1926, new homes arise. The first five become the accommodation of supervisors.

Compared with work houses, thesehave greater decorative richness and use the most preciousand varied materials. The other eight are the houses of the directorsand are designed to highlight not uniformity, but the variety and architectural imagination.

They have an even more extended green space so that houses and gardens appear together in an inextricable embrace.

This area of the village surprises for the availability and abundance of space, the quality of the materials used, the impression of solidity and, at the same time, the simple grace of the buildings.

Halfway between the forest and Crespi country, these houses show a fabulous and dreamyside, surrounded by the peaceful greenery.